Reddit user JeremiahGorman is the reason why other fathers have to explain to their sons why daddy hasn’t made a spaceship, a two storey tree-house or a backyard roller coaster for their birthdays. Just check out this awesome spaceship bed he created for his son’s 5th birthday. And the father of the year award goes to…

“It turns out that when you ask people for their old electronics, they are happy to get them out of their house”

“And when you have friends who will salvage a master control board from a TV station dumpster, sometimes they hit the jackpot”

“A few gauges dresses it up a bit”

“Of course it needs a NASA logo”

“There was some extra space on the control panel, we added more buttons”

“The control panel is ready to go”

“My wife was worried about lofting the bed because it was pretty wobbly at this point”

“After getting braced and reinforced the bed isn’t wobbling and the control panel is (almost) good to go”

“Yes, I always make that face when I am grinding things”

“Once that screw was flat, we were good to go”

“The ladder is in place”

The final product!

Now with some dramatic lighting.

Captain Finn takes over the controls.

“I think he likes it”

What we can’t figure out though is which of the two had more fun with this? What do you think, Jeremiah or his son? All we know is, SLEEP OVER AT THE GORMAN’S! Source

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