It’s a morbid thought, but there is probably more than a little truth to the idea that no matter what happens, we all die alone. While we could debate the finer points of that argument for months, there’s no debating that 22-year-old California native Lauren Jessie Moss died alone in her car last year…and police just found her body.

According to police, the last time Moss was seen by anyone was after she checked out of rehab on November 13, 2015. After a few days, she was reported missing.

Her body was just discovered in a Walmart parking lot in Salinas, California, but the car had been parked there for months.

According to police, the car had tinted windows and a sun shade covering the dashboard. Because of this, no one reported seeing anything odd.


Her sister said that Moss left behind a suicide note, and police found a needle inside of the car. It quickly became clear that she had overdosed.


(via KSBW News)

That poor woman. We can only hope that she went quickly and peacefully, even if she was alone at the end.

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