Emil Nystrom is a photographer from Sweden with the sweetest baby girl. Not only that, but he’s very talented and possesses an awesome imagination. So, instead of taking normal photos of his infant for a baby book, Emil does something much cooler. This little girl has been a superhero, a ninja, a mechanic and more in this photo series her dad created. (It was precious every single time.)

Emil creates the pictures with the help of his wife. Their baby girl can’t stand yet (or properly use a paint roller without making a mess).

Then, after using some clever angles and lots of Photoshopping, Emil creates the best baby pictures.

Somehow, his little girl mastered the mechanic attitude.

Not only that, but she makes an adorable superhero.

Don’t worry, though, all of these pictures were made with clever digital editing.

He never put his sweetheart in danger.

Even though this is fake, I do admit it would be adorable if her best friend was a chimp.

But Ninja Baby is the best.

Awesome baby photos like these make me wish I had quadruplets I could dress up as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and take photos of them fighting crimes and eating pizza. (Maybe one day…) If you’d like to see more of this daddy’s awesome work, visit his online portfolio or Facebook page. Source: Emil Nystrom Click on the button below to share these awesome baby pictures.

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